IPVC 2020 postponed to July 20-24, 2020

IPVC 2020 workshops will focus on this year’s theme, “Science and Education for Action Against HPV.” They will provide state-of-the-art knowledge on all papillomavirus (PV)-related topics, from basic science to global health impact.

Workshops will be run by and have speakers who are worldwide leaders in the field. They will provide a unique forum for education and discussion, for the full spectrum of professional audiences – junior through senior researchers; basic scientists, clinicians and public health investigators.

At IPVC 2020, the pre-conference workshops will be made up of two parts. On the first day, the workshop will be an interdisciplinary activity, consisting of a series of talks covering key aspects of basic science, clinical and public health, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and audience interaction. On the second day, attendees will be able to attend one of the three tracks – basic science, clinical or public health-global impact – where specific topics of contemporary interest will be covered. A particular emphasis will be given to discussion on controversial areas of research and on experiences across different populations. In all sessions, audience interaction will be prioritised.

Although workshops stand alone as an educational and scientific activity, they are designed to provide the necessary scientific background to follow the main conference, where the latest knowledge in research will be presented. For junior scientists, the workshops will help them to be educated on both the basics and cutting-edge knowledge of papillomavirus biology, epidemiology and prevention and control of papillomavirus infection and disease.

IPVC 2020 workshops will be a unique way to connect across the fields, and attendees will enjoy PV research from different perspectives and participate in wider scientific discussions.

Day 1 – Interdisciplinary

  • Papillomavirus Biology
  • Burden of Disease
  • Detection and Screening
  • Vaccination

Day 2 – Specialisation

Basic Science

  • HPV Viral Entry, Replication and Trafficking
  • HPV Genera and Associated Diseases
  • New Technologies


  • Cervix: Screening and Management
  • Screening and Management in Non-cervical Disease
  • Communication Skills

Public Health

  • HPV Vaccine
  • Screening / Treatment
  • Communication Issues in Optimizing HPV Prevention Strategies