Early Career Researchers (ECR)

Early Career Researchers (ECR)


Wednesday, November 13, 2024

11:10-12:10 GMT

Workshop 1–How is AI changing our jobs as researchers?

Co-Chairs: TBD

Panelists: Nicolas Wentzensen, Andrea Monica,

Description: Is AI coming for your job or can you instead harness AI to do the hard parts of your research and job for you? This session will explore how generative AI could potentially change how we do research, for better or for worse. We will look at issues of ethics and publishing, emerging generative AI policies adopted by universities and funders, and try to answer the question everyone is secretly asking themselves: can I use ChatGPT to write my next grant proposal or my next paper?

12:10-13:40 GMT

Networking luncheon for students and early career researchers

Students and early career researchers are cordially invited to a networking lunch during the conference, where they will be able to meet other early career researchers and discuss career development in an informal setting. Senior and mid-career researchers will also be present to facilitate discussions. Limited space available, registration in advance necessary. Registration is open.

Thursday, November 14th, 2024

11:00 – 12:30 GMT

Early Career Researchers Oral Abstracts Session and Presentation Awards

This session will feature oral presentations selected from the top-scoring abstracts submitted by students and early career researchers, as well as presentations from the recipients of the IPVS Early Career Recognition Award. To be considered for this session, the presenter of the abstract needs to be identified as a student or early career researcher on the abstract submission form. Presenters will also be expected to attend the Closing Ceremony to receive an award.

Friday, November 15th, 2024

9:10- 10:40 GMT

Workshop #2- Mentorship: Identifying mentors & getting the most out of your mentorship relationship.

Co-Chairs: Erin Scherer, Omenge Orang’o

Panelists: Anna-Barbara Moscicki, Mohammed Manga, Mark Jit, Karl Munger

Description: This session will focus on academic mentorship, how to identify mentors, and how to build productive mentor-mentee relationships, and an overview of the mentorship program at IPVS. Panelists include both mentors and mentees from a range of disciplines (public health, clinical, basic science) who will be able to speak to the range of experiences of early career researchers and students at the conference. The panel will start with short introductions by panelists, including their experiences as mentees or mentors, and their top tips for getting the most out of a mentorship relationship. Most of the session will be dedicated to a panel discussion, where the audience will be invited to ask their questions on mentorship to the panelists.


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