Keynote & Plenary Speakers

Keynote & Plenary Speakers

Get a sneak peek below at the exciting keynote lectures and plenary sessions that will be part of the IPVC 2024 scientific program.

All times below are in Edinburgh, UK Local Time – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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Tuesday, November 12


  • The role of respectful partnership in the delivery of global health goals, with particular reference to Scotland and Malawi.
    Heather Cubie

Wednesday, November 13

PLENARY SESSION 1: HPV- The Fundamentals

  • HPV replication throughout the life cycle
    Alison McBride (USA)
  • HPV from infection to cancer
    Karl Munger (USA)
  • HPV signal transduction-a target for anti-virals
    Michelle Ozbun (USA)

PLENARY SESSION 2: Therapeutic cancer vaccines

  • General concepts of cancer interception vaccines
    Olivera Finn
  • Combination immunotherapy of HPV-induced cancers, including T cell induction by therapeutic vaccines
    Cornelis Melief
  • Clinical trials and promising results to date of therapeutic vaccines (together with immunotherapeutic agents) for HPV-related head and neck and cervical cancers
    Katharine Price

Thursday, November 14

PLENARY SESSION 3: Rapid, low-cost HPV cervical screening technologies to meet elimination.

  • Overview of current and emerging technologies for low-cost tests to meet elimination goals introducing the concept of WHO prequalification of assays
    Maribel Almonte
  • Screening trials with treatment algorithms of care as one aspect of the elimination program in LMIC
    Rakiya Saidu
  • Reaching the third target: Treatment for all.
    Hennie Botha

Friday, November 15

PLENARY SESSION 4: Implementation Science

  • An overview of principles of implementation science research with an HPV lens
    Maria Fernandez
  • Implementation science of cervical cancer prevention strategies in Nigeria
    Juliet Iwelunmor
  • Use of implementation science to strengthen cervical cancer prevention in Argentina
    Silvina Arrossi


  • Vaccine Technology (preventative and therapeutic)
    Ian Frazer
  • Will Australia be the first to eliminate cervical cancer?
    Suzanne Garland (Australia)
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